Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No, I Really Don't Care... And This Is Why

So a 'journalist' writes a somewhat rambling missive bemoaning all the violent crime in Chicago, labeling it 'Domestic Terrorism', and that people don't seem to care nor does there seem to be a solution. (*which they've now put behind the paywall since people are actually reading it)

Well one reason I 'don't care' is her opening paragraph:
The words that follow are not for the white men who write to me about black-on-black crime, pointing out weekend death tolls. I have nothing to say to you because you don't care about these communities. You write merely to highlight the viciousness, and then extrapolate in nutty ways about "black people" as a whole.
So bemoan broad brush racism by making a broad brush comment about 'white males' (which I happen to be).

With that attitude, why should I give crap about those Chicago neighborhoods turning into warzones?  Why should I support any measure that is proposed to get anything done especially since many of the measures seem aimed at restricting MY freedoms and rights even though I've done absolutely nothing wrong.

Why should I care when the closest thing to a 'reason' given (and I use this term very loosely, even more so than 'journalist') is the ever present Race Card, the police aren't doing enough because it's black on black.

Yep, that Race Card again (as seen in the opening paragraph).  Calling the SC church shooting "one of the worst acts of terrorism committed not just in a church, but in this country" is one of the most ignorant and baiting statements one could make while (as horrible as it was) ignoring the dozens of other incidents across that nation that WEREN'T committed by a racist white guy (like the church shooting, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City, etc)

If you want more of the 'complete picture', perhaps she should watch videos of police crime scenes in Chicago as they fight back onlookers who are trying to trash evidence or the countless family members of ventilated thugs justifying their criminal actions and blaming those who defended themselves. maybe the single digit percent of violent crime that's actually prosecuted and not pled down to minor charges and the offenders let back loose on the streets. That would be more of a start than traveling to SC.

And the whole 'Domestic Terrorism' meme.  While it's a nice buzz phrase popular in media circles, think very carefully about the consequences of declaring it such.  Are you really prepared to accept the measures necessary to end the violence under that handle?  Watch the move 'The Siege' before you answer.

Yet somehow, I keep being blamed for Chicago crime because I'm a white, male, (iow inherently racist) gun owner who apparently enables 50k violent, criminal, gang bangers.

So no, I don't 'care' yet I'll still be blamed anyway. 

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Anonymous said...

I would be more impressed if Chicago put the illegal-gun-offenders in jail than just confiscate the guns and turn the miscreants back onto the streets.

Braden Lynch said...

Indeed if they want to label the war zones in Chicago as "domestic Terrorism" I don't have a problem with Predator drones overhead launching Hellfire missiles into gang houses and snipers picking off drug dealers at a mile.

Some "shock and awe" might be good for community redevelopment after they level government housing.

You would think a journalist would now that words mean things and to choose them carefully. Pick an inflammatory word and be prepared for blowback for our yellow journalism.

Braden Lynch said...

Yikes, crunchy key board: You would think a journalist would know that words mean things and to choose them carefully. Pick an inflammatory word and be prepared for blowback for your yellow journalism

drjim said...

Pick this "journalist" up and dump her into one of these zones for a few weeks.

I'll bet she'll change her tune pretty fast....