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E.B.S.I.S. O.C.C.'s: Military Personnel

The Soviet Military, like its society as a whole, is very rigid, offering little choice to the individual.  Military service is mandatory for ALL citizens age 18-21.  Non-military service is allowed but the time is extended until one is 23.  Most (90-95%) opt for the shorter of the two.  Once a citizen turns 18, the Soviet citizen goes through a series of tests, academic, physical, and mental.  These tests, along with records of their past (school, political, criminal,etc) are used by a committee made up of the heads of the different branches to choose where the citizen will be placed during their service time.  The more elite branches (Spetznaz, Armor, Space) forces get first choice of selectees followed by the other branches in an ever changing structure based off of current need, political influence and other obscure measures, typical of Soviet Bureaucracy.

E.B.S.I.S. Military Personnel

Outside of the 'Elites', Soviet military training is across the board uniform with the primary differences being in their specific M.O.S. Skills.  The Soviet Soldier is taught what the state needs them to know and little else.

S.D.C. Base 20
Attribute Requirements: None (G.M. discretion ex. A character w/ an I.Q. of 5 will not be a pilot)
Basic O.C.C. Skills:
Hand to Hand: Basic*
W.P. Auto Pistol (Macross & SC)
W.P. Semi/Fully Automatic Rifle (Macross)
W.P. Energy Rifle (SC)
*This can be upgraded to H-H Expert at the cost of 1 'Other/MOS' Skill or Martial Arts for 2 'Other/MOS' Skills

Military Occupational Specialty (M.O.S.) Skills:

Combat M.O.S. (Infantry, Artillery, Anti-Armor, Anti-Aircraft, Artillery, Engineers)
Select 2 additional skills from the Physical category, W.P. Rifle, Sub-Machinegun, Heavy. and two 'Other' skill from Espionage/Military including Sniper and/or Technical Demolitions, Demolitions Disposal. (+10% where applicable)

Mechanized Crew M.O.S. (Armor, APC's, Motorized Infantry)
Navigation, RSI, Weapon Systems, Pilot Tank, Truck, Automobile, Motorcycle (+15%)

Air Crew M.O.S. (Jet, Propeller, Helicopter)
Navigation, Weapon Systems, Read Sensory Instruments, Pilot: Jet, Airplane, Helicopter (+15%)

Communications M.O.S.
RSI, Radio: Basic, Choice of 4 skills from Comm. category (+20%)

Electrical Engineer M.O.S.
All Electrical Skills, Basic/Advanced Math, Computer Operation (+15%)

Mechanical Engineer M.O.S.
Basic/Advanced Math, Choice of 3 from Mechanical skills (excluding Veritech) (+20%)

Medical M.O.S.
Basic Math, 2 skills from Medical (+15%) and 2 Skills from Science (excluding Atrophysics) (+10%)

Other Skills: Select 10 other skills
 Communications: Radio: Basic only
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Basic Electronics only
Espionage: Detect Ambush, Detect Concealement, Land Navigation, Wilderness Survival only (+5%)
Mechanical: Auto mechanics only (+5%)
Medical: First Aid only
Physical: Any
Pilot:  Automobile, Truck, Motorcycle, boats only. (+15% land vehicles)
Pilot Related: None
Science: Mathematics; basic only
Technology: Computers skills, photography only
W.P.: Any (Energy Weapons NOT available in Macross Era)

Basic Equipment (Macross & SC):
4 camo uniforms, 2 camo caps, boonie cap, helmet, flashlight, bayonet style knife, canteen,web gear w/ pouches, back pack, 1st Aid Kit

M.O.S. Specific Equipment: (Era appropriate)

Combat M.O.S. (Infantry, Artillery, Anti-Armor, Anti-Aircraft, Artillery)
Rifle, 2D4 magazines, body armor.  Vehicles, heavy weapons, etc. dependent on the type of unit they are part of.

Mechanized Crew M.O.S. (Armor, APC's, Motorized Infantry)
Rifle or submachine gun, 1D6 magazines, regularly assigned vehicle.  Body armor, weapons, vehicles optional.

Air Corps M.O.S. (Jet, Propeller, Helicopter)
Handgun, 1D4 Magazines. One regularly assigned aircraft. Body armor, weapons, aircraft optional.

Communications M.O.S.
Rifle, 1D4 Magazines, Field Radio pack.  Other Sensory Equipment, body armor, weapons, vehicles optional.

Electrical Engineer M.O.S.
Rifle, 1D4 Magazines.  Tool Kit.  Body armor, weapons, vehicles optional.

Mechanical Engineer M.O.S.
Rifle, 1D4 Magazines.  Tool Kit.  Body armor, weapons, vehicles optional.

Medical M.O.S.
Handgun, 1D4 Magazines. Medical Kit.  Body armor, weapons, vehicles optional.

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