Monday, March 23, 2015


So someone throws a bash as a 'going away' party for a guy going to serve time in DOC.  They advertise it all over the internet.  A bunch of Chicago thugs show up and start shooting up the place.

So I'm going to take some shots in the dark on this (pun intended):
Celebrating a criminal and his lifestyle
Betting there was lots of alcohol/drugs involved (along w/ serving minors)

No FOID's, CCW, or any form of legal possession of firearms

Anyone else see how else this can divest from the anti-gun narrative except that three of those shot will be touted as 'child victims of gun violence' w/o presenting any of the details?

Update: from a Brady email:   Show them that you care about the 48 children and teens who are shot by guns in our country every day.

Just like the poor innocent souls above.

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Archer said...

Three questions:
1) Did any of the "partiers" shoot back at the shooters? and
2) If so, did they hit any of their targets? and
3) If so, are those targets also "child victims of gun violence"?

I ask because it's well-known that the Brady Bunch counts criminals getting their just rewards from potential victims as "victims of gun violence". Whatever makes that number higher, or something.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, The children. Let's see now 18 and 19 year old gangbangers shooting at each other. My oh my, just keep the guns away from the children and all will be fine.

Archer said...

"Children" as a category go all the way to age 26, if it's for insurance or "victim of gun violence" purposes.