Saturday, March 14, 2015

Boo F^%king Hoo Illinois

So Universities, unions, public employees, etc are all wailing and gnashing their teeth over IL Gov. Rauner's proposed budged cuts.  State Sen. President Cullerton has dug in his heels and is basically refusing to do anything.  The Springfield/Chicago legislators idea is to raise more taxes and fees to 'fix' the budget collapse.

Screw them.  Decades of overspending and buying votes w/ perks is what has put us into this mess in the first place.  Whenever a cut was proposed, they came out and threatened to cut spending on 'police and schools' which caused the rest of the legislators to cave so they wouldn't lose the propaganda war and keep their seats.  They've been driving businesses and residents out for years and their tax and spend proposals will only continue that.  Most people can barely make ends meet now.  Go ahead and jack up taxes and fees some more. See what happens.

This state is billions in debt w/ nearly the lowest credit rating and they want us to shell out more of OUR money in the idea that we can trust them to spend it wisely? The ONLY thing they'll do is throw it away in more pork and perks while services will continue to decrease. Seriously, anyone who thinks the spenders will do the right thing are acting like naive partisans who have either been ignoring or are blind to what's been going on. 

The only possibility of a fix right now is a harsh belt tightening.  Paring down the pork filled useless agencies.  Cutting spending near universally across the state.  Giving businesses a reason to open up in Illinois to increase jobs and revenue.

Not one more dime for them to spend until they can prove they can spend it responsibly. They work for us, not the other way around.

Example of a stereotypical gov't employee.  I worked for a historical site some years ago. Myself and several other employees developed plans to drastically cut costs, maintenance, and make more efficient man hours through partnerships w/ other agencies and by increasing crop production.  I cut a deal w/ IDOT to plow our roads which saved us several days of work since we didn't have the equipment to do the job quickly. The site director nixed the idea. We also spent a few hundred dollars on fertilizer which increased our crops to the point where we were not only self-sufficient in feeding our animals but we had surplus to sell. That in lieu of spending about two thousand plus on feed every year.  You guessed it.  Site director nixed the funding for fertilizer.  The site is at about 25% operation of what it was when I worked there.

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Crustyrusty said...

Personally, I would dismantle DCFS and make all of them get real jobs, but that's my extremely biased opinion.

Paul Bonneau said...

I was right with you until the last sentence: "They work for us, not the other way around."

Surely, you must be joking. All evidence points in the opposite direction, that they work for themselves.

Of course, they TELL us they work for us, but you don't believe every lie you hear, do you?

Thirdpower said...

CR: Yeah, that's an agency that could be purged. Totally agree.

PB: I still have a few tiny shreds of idealism in me. It comes from reading history and what this country was supposed to be founded on.

Unknown said...

Wisconsin has plowed some major roads to a leaner budget and it's paying off. My only warning to my brothers is to prepare for the disruption and property damage that comes from the protestors and their nonsense. These people who would dare latch on to your state's public teat believe they are entitled to all that they take and that you exist only to hand it over to them. Push back, brothers.

Oh, and if your politicians go on the lamb like some of my state's politicians did during our budget cuts a few years back, be sure to post their pictures on the Internet so that your neighboring states can tell you where they are hiding.

Anonymous said...

A visionary politician would be planning how to handle the coming state bankruptcies. My opinion is when they go bankrupt, the states have forfeited any right to govern themselves or have any say in national governance including the electoral college. They should be demoted to territories until they get their finances and government reformed.

We are going to need to figure how to handle them, because IL, CA, and some NE states are going to be bankrupt in the next decade if trends continue.

drjim said... mean there's a worse run state than here in Kommiefornia?

Who'd thunk it!

Anonymous said...

I know a guy who used to work for the roads division of one of the far southwest suburbs outside Chicago. At one point he wanted to repave a really bad road, which would have cost $3-million. His supervisor told him the paving budget for the year was all used up. However! There was still money in the patching budget, and he could have $3-million from that to patch the road, and the following year he could repave the whole thing for $3-million.


That's why this state is broke. (Well, one reason anyways.)