Thursday, February 12, 2015

RaceBaiters At It Again

Did you know that breaking clearly set rules for baseball isn't the fault of the coach or managers but instead the fault of the rules themselves because they're 'racist'?

Yeah. A little league team from Chicago uses players from outside their district, get caught and have their title pulled.  It's not the fault of the ones who recruited the kids, it's Little League's fault because they hate black people. 

And of course the usual suspects have to get their faces in front of the camera:
Rev. Jesse Jackson said the South Siders are also the victims of a “wholesale attack” on their integrity. “Is this about boundaries,” he asked, “or race?”
“Are you telling me that the same kind of obsession of stalking, going over this for months, would have happened — would have been done — if the Las Vegas team had won?” Pfleger said. “I’m sorry. I live in America. Maybe I’m tainted by that. But I believe that. And I believe that racism is in the midst of this thing.”
Sorry kids, your coaches cheated and you're getting punished for it. That's the long and short of it.  Instead though, all the enabling adults around you are telling you to hate white people and that you're a perpetual victim because you're black. 

Great life lesson there.

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