Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time Magazine: Random Acts of Violence and Destruction of Private Property OK

So TIME puts up an article titled : 
Ferguson: In Defense of Rioting

Now you know this is going to be bad but to just give you a highlight as to the level of bad this reaches:

 VOTE: Should the Ferguson Protestors Be TIME’s Person of the Year?

Seriously, it doesn't improve any from this.  It's the whole 'white guilt' argument and that whites are inherently racist. "If anything, I am racist because I am white"

Now the historically ignorant author tries to make the Ferguson violence comparable to the Boston Tea Party in order to smear.  Here's the difference.  The BTP had a politically motivated goal and target which they achieved, the dumping of the tea in the harbor.  The thousands of people involved did NOT rampage through Boston destroying and looting randomly.  Bet the author would have a completely different opinion if it were their home or business destroyed.  But maybe not.

I'm sure we'll see the CSGV denouncing these insurrectionists any time now. 

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zdogk9 said...

Walk across Gen. Lee's front yard or Gettysburg National Cemetery. Then talk about "guilt?"

Anonymous said...

Heck,even if officer Wilson was indicted for whatever. These clowns would still riot......
Roger V. Tranfaglia

dustydog said...

1st guess for Time's person of the year: Obama.
2nd guess: the Pope.