Monday, September 29, 2014

Brady Campaign: Even Police Are 'Bad Apples'

In another one of their blood dancing emails, the Brady Bunch have convinced a grieving widow that the murderer of her husband and those who assisted in it are not responsible, but the legitimate firearm dealer is. 
The actions of bad apple gun dealers have tragic consequences….even for our American heroes…
Brad Fox served his country with two tours in Iraq. He protected his community as a police officer. He was a loving husband and father who, just hours before his death, told his colleagues at the Plymouth Township, Pennsylvania police department that he and his wife Lynsay were expecting their second child.
Then he was shot dead by a felon, with a gun sold by a bad apple gun dealer.
Brad’s killer couldn’t pass a Brady background check. But he got his gun and eight others through straw purchases. Six of those guns, including the one that killed Brad, were sold by In Site Firearms.

We filed a lawsuit for Lynsay Fox against In Site with our partners at the Dechert law firm. Lynsay’s case is just one of many in our campaign to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers.
Here's what they leave out.  Those 'six guns' were sold over a period of 4 months.   The owner of the shop being sued is a 20yr veteran of the police force.  The straw purchaser was convicted on 23 counts, including 9 felonies, for knowingly buying the guns for his felon buddy.

So where are these 'signs' the Brady's insist were there?  I bet they only exist in their mind.  This is exactly the kind of frivolous lawsuit the PLCAA was created to stop and I hope the case is immediately thrown out and the Brady's forced to pay the shops legal fees.

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