Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Streetlight McCarthy: Concealed Carry Same As Drunken Driving

The expert in carrying a firearm while intoxicated speaks:
“This is what I said from Day One: More guns is not the solution to gun violence. That’s akin to saying everybody should drive drunk to stop drunken driving. It doesn’t work that way.”
So what's giving Chicago Police Supt. McCarthy flashbacks?  Something he thinks will be an excuse to restrict Concealed Carry in Illinois. 
After Wednesday’s meeting at Kennedy-King, McCarthy also disclosed that one of the men shot this week at a North Side nightclub had one of the state’s new concealed-carry permits and that the gun is now gone.
“We’re trying to determine, is this a case where that gun was taken from him when that shooting occurred?” he said.
Here's the rub.  It was a GUN FREE ZONE.  An establishment where CCW was barred due to 50%+ sales of alcohol.  Evidence?  Why the news. Watch the video.  Look at the sign over the reporters' left shoulder.

Hearts nightclub, where four people were shot early Wednesday.

Know what that is boils and ghouls?  That's an IL mandated GFZ sign.

So McCarthy, again an expert in drinking and shooting, assumes that because an individual has a CCW license, then that person is automatically carrying in a place in violation of the law and spouting out w/ blame w/o any evidence whatsoever.  Typical of his police work and the libel/slander that license holders face from anti-gun fanatics in Illinois.

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John Boch said...

Maybe, just maybe, the CCWer left his gun in his car?

Thirdpower said...

Also a possibility. If so, where is it? Did the police search it and determine the car had been broken into? They have no idea but Streetlight is going to do everything he can to put blame onto the CCW holder.

Anonymous said...

Blame the victim, not the criminal. The Chicago way.

Sigivald said...

DUI:DUI::Concealed Carry:Gun Violence?

That analogy can only work if you predefine carry as violence - or at very least simply assert that defensive "violence" is "the same as" offensive, criminal violence.

And they wonder why they can't sell their line anymore?

Maluka said...

Isn't McCarthy the former NYPD officer who was investigated for shooting out street lights after a booze drinking session in NYC?

Thirdpower said...

That would be him, yes.

Windy Wilson said...

"Defensive 'violence' is 'the same as' offensive, criminal violence."

Yep, and pushing little old ladies into the paths of trains is indistinguishable from pushing them away from the paths of trains.