Friday, August 1, 2014

Arlington Heights, IL bars ISRA, Allows Gun Control Groups

Via their webpage:
The Arlington Heights Park District invites you to spend an evening in support of National Night Out. Come out to North School Park and learn about crime and drug prevention awareness! This event generates support and participation in local anti-crime efforts to strengthen neighborhood spirit and community relations.
Apparently that means allowing Mom's Demand Action to have a booth there but not the ISRA or other pro-rights groups.
We just got word that the Arlington Heights Park District will allow the BLOOMBERG MOMS to set up a recruitment booth at the National Night Out event.

National Night Out is supposed to be a non-partisan, non-political public service event that informs citizens on how not to become a victim of crime.

Arlington Heights has now turned National Night Out into a GUN CONTROL event by allowing the Moms' recruiters to have a booth at the event.

Of course, no pro-gun organizations will be allowed to have a booth at the event.
Arlington Heights Park District 410 N. Arlington Heights Road Arlington Heights, IL 60004 Phone: 847-577-3000 Fax: 847-506-2735

Supposedly the person to speak to is 'Laura;.

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