Monday, February 4, 2013

Chicago: Blunt Trauma = 'Death by Natural Causes'

You have to admire the lengths the city will go to to try and keep their crime numbers down. Via 2nd City Cop comes this gem.

Father and daughter in domestic altercation. Father beats daughter over the head until she loses consciousness.   Dies at the scene. 
"ME ruled death NATURAL - Pulmonary Embolism, victim was struck in head by father who is in custody."
Coded as a 'non criminal death'.

So why is the father in custody?   In any civilized place, this would be 2nd degree murder.  But this is Chicago where politics comes before crime control.

So who's the bigger piece of scum?  The father who beat his daughter to death or the politicians and bureaucrats that are manipulating the system?

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Ben C said...

Hows that line go again? He beat her over the head until she was unconscious and bleeding internally, naturally she died.

This guy deserves to be in jail.

Rob Crawford said...

I'd love to know what this does to any criminal charges brought against the guy.

"Your honor, this case should be thrown out, as the coroner ruled this death natural causes, not homicide."