Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Suspicious 'Moms'

A new 'million moms' anti-gun group is started by a single person on Dec 14th, right after the Sandy Hook school shootings.  Less than 4 days later they're receiving national press in USA Today and within a few weeks have enough funding to organize rallies across the nation. 

But they're "unaffiliated with any other organization or political party. We were independently founded on Dec. 14, 2012."

 With a nice handy link to Bloomberg's MAIG from a 'Fortune 500 Networker'.  Just like the preprinted, customizable signs that showed up hours after the shooting. 

I call BullSh!t. This was planned and prepared just waiting for the next tragedy to exploit.  The Anti's have been proven to be coordinating their media activities using public and private email, funds and networks.  This is just one more that will eventually be discovered to be funded by the same groups (Bloomberg/Joyce Foundation) as the others. Just watch.

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drjim said...

Of course this was pre-planned. The leftists have had all these plans just sitting around waiting for the proper "crisis" to pull them out and try and ram them down our throats.
Things like this make me question whether the events at Sandy Hook are a false flag event.

Chas said...

Just another (fill in the blank) statist tool recruited and duped by the mass media into ignorantly destroying their own constitutional rights that they may need to rely on one day.

What if the government decides to have a one child policy, which they have now in China, and then the government decides to enforce it by having government agents take away, and eventually kill, all of a family's children except the youngest one? These gun ban mommies would scream their helpless heads off. They would demand that "someone do something about it". Of course, no one would be able to do anything about it. They really need to think about the potential future consequences of they want now for America. Later on might be too late.