Thursday, January 10, 2013

Authorized Journalist Fail

MLK day is January 21st.

The SAF is holding its 'Gun Appreciation Day' on January 19th.(I'm planning on getting some range time in)

Dumbass Journalist (bolding in original) :
Anyone who thinks they picked January 19th, which happens to be Martin Luther King Day, by accident is terribly mistaken: By choosing to hold their “kiss your gun day” at the same time most sane Americans will be recalling a man who died by gunfire and lived his life for peace, the gun lovers are going for maximum publicity and news exposure.
Please tell me if I'm missing something.

This is the kind of sloppy, emotionally driven drivel that we see from PuSH'ers when it comes to firearms.  Even basic facts don't matter.

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legaleagle_45 said...

Well, since Martin Luther King Day is January 21 this year (3rd Monday in January) and it was established as such to coincide somewhat closely to his actual birthday of January 15, one is left to wonder how big a dumbass is this guy?

The Duck said...

I am doing a CCW class on Jan 21

Anonymous said...

When the celebrated the first MLK day, I was living in Norfolk, VA. There was a radio DJ there that got fired for saying, "Back in the 60's if we would have know we would get a day off every year, we would have killed four more of them and made it a week."

Sigivald said...

I want someone to very gently and un-damagingly beat him about the head with a stack of references to the racist roots of gun control.

And the way the NRA likes armed black folks just fine, at least if they're black folks who aren't criminals.

Just exactly like how they like armed white folks just fine, so long as they aren't criminals.

Eventually maybe he might get half a clue by osmosis.

Chas said...

Gun-haters own MLK day, so we're not allowed to use it. They really are that arrogant, and they do want to disarm us, so that they have total control over us. We get no veto. Don't want to go to a government re-education camp because you heard that people are being killed there? Sorry, get on the bus, or get shot resisting. They are about taking away choice.

BobG said...

Most anti-gun people are either liars or don't know what they're talking about.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, MLK applied for a gun permit and was denied (because of his race?). He was a man of peace, but he was not a fool, even though a handgun could not have protected him from the coward who killed him.

Braden Lynch said...

Sorry Sigivald, but his head would have to be a semi-permeable membrane for the truth to seep in by osmosis. Facts, human nature, logic and real world observations bounce off them.

They KNOW they are right, since their GUT tells them so. They will not be swayed.

So now, I'm convinced that the shrill anti-gun crowd have turned off their higher reasoning functions.

Simple test question for them. Do they believe Gun Free Zones work to stop criminals? Their response tells you all you need to know.

Stretch said...

If the MSM ever gets around to doing actual research (ya, right) they'll have a collective heart attack when they realize 19 January is the birthday of Gen. Robert Edward Lee.