Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More of that 'Accountability'

A tweet from the CSGV:

Not criminals (while crying racism). Not politicians (while denying Fast & Furious). But 'gun owners' are the ones that need to be 'held accountable' in the world of anti-gunners. Just like Chicago Mayor Emanual wants IL firearm owners to pay the hospital bills for gang bangers shot during 'business'.

The last time Ladd talked about 'accountability' was when he started 'outing' pro-rights bloggers in an attempt to intimidate them into silence. That worked well

And we all know their idea of 'compromise' is "Why won't you knuckle dragging rednecks just do what we say already?"  which is laughable since our IGOLD conference calls are larger than their paid staff + 'membership'.

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Dannytheman said...

I am now convinced that compromise only angers both sides. I would prefer to win than to compromise.

Robert Fowler said...

In their language, compromise means to do what they say and that's it. Just like when the use "common sense". Code for we want all guns so we can live in a police state.

Braden Lynch said...

There is no compromise to be made regarding the Second Amendment. It means what it says. No infringement.

Just like I will not accept silly restrictions on the practice of my religion, or my free speech, or my right to a jury trial, or to not have troops quartered in my house.

Need I go on?