Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Out of New Material

Not me, although the muse hasn't really struck me lately, but Elliot Fineman at the NGAC.

Weer'd noted that there's another post up there w/ supposed claims by the NRA. I knew I'ld read it before. It's a direct copy/paste from a 'factsheet' they posted last year. The same fallacies we've laughed at for years plus a call to ban handguns and semi-autos.

Just to show you how far gone these people are, they tried to defend their position on how dangerous it is to legally allow firearms in Starbucks. The example they use?

A shooting in Washington DC from 1997. That's right. Washington DC. Where owning handguns had been banned for 20 years never-mind carrying them. The exact 'gun free zone' they wanted.

This is a mental condition. Nothing else can explain it.

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

Well given that none of the other NGVAC claimed activists have much to say about the foolish organization, it would appear that its Mr. Fineman alone at the helm.

Also given that he's making claims that guns cause crime, and that can't even get facebook followers will crash Starbuck's stock, he's obviously a man of little wit.

You can't expect much when that's your only asset!