Monday, December 5, 2011

They Can't Win With Honesty...UPDATE

So they lie, cheat and steal.

One heavily restricted firearm shop is going to open in Oak Park, Il. Windy City Firearms. He can effectively only be used for transfers through internet and catalog sales.

So an anti-gun activist, who cowardly refuses to acknowledge himself even w/ a handle, has snatched up the domain name most similar to the gun shop's in order to pull business away from the legitimate FFL.

This is how they roll.

More: This bit from the article is classic:
“I want to move the dialogue beyond the bipolar political rhetoric and look at the human aspect of gun violence,” the blog’s author, who has refused to identify himself or herself, said in an email to the Tribune.
What that really translates to is: I'm a 'victim' and am going to use my victim-hood as my only source of expertise about guns and if you disagree w/ my efforts to pass bans and restrictions, you're an uncompromising 'bully'.

And the links on the side of the blog? Brady Campaign and Joyce Puppets LCAV and WAGV. Yeah, he's 'bipolar' alright. No surprise, comments are being 'moderated'.

UPDATE: As of 6am 12/6, comments are 'Off'. So much for 'dialogue'.

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chiefjaybob said...

Here's a comment I just left. We'll see if it survives "moderation," or if it will be banished in favor of "reasoned discourse:"

"I think it’s fairly despicable that you would snatch up the same name of a website as a legitimate business to publish propaganda that runs completely counter to what those using this title are looking for. If I am in the market to find Windy City Firearms, your ramblings and lies will not dissuade me from purchasing an inanimate tool to which I have a constitutionally guaranteed right to possess."

Link P said...

While I agree that it is an underhanded tactic, I would advise that one secure his desired domain name prior to going public with his business name.

The business owner may be able to some relief via the ICANN UDRP.

chiefjaybob said...

And just like that (*SNAP!*), the comments are turned off.

Reasoned discourse strikes again!