Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Stupid Can Be Duct-taped

An article in the Ft Wayne, IN Journal-Gazette (home of former Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke) paints the end of the world as we know it of Nat'l CCW Reciprocity passes:
A bill under consideration in Congress, H.R. 822, would supersede Indiana laws and require every state to honor other states’ gun-carrying permits... The proposal would require Indiana to honor the permits of people from other states who may not meet those minimal standards.
You know. The usual PSH. But, just like North Carolina (which the NCGV squeals about), Indiana ALREADY recognizes all other CCW permits.

But that would be a bit much to be asking journalists to do a little bit of research before repeating a gun control talking point.

Some IllinoisCarry folks contacted the paper and they printed a 'clarification':
A Furthermore editorial published Friday did not accurately explain how H.R. 822, if adopted, would affect Indiana. The proposed federal law would require all states to honor gun licenses issued to residents of other states, but because Indiana already honors other states’ gun permits, its effect on the Hoosier state would be minimal.
So not a 'fix' since I'm sure the base level of support for inane gun control is still w/ the authorized journalists but this is some duct-tape on it.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

What a bunch of dumbasses. It's like they don't even care what the truth is.

I know. There I go being king of the obvious again.

Phssthpok said...

Funny thing about Florida; They think it's just jim-dandy for me to carry there on my Washington License...as long as I actually live here. But the moment I change my address to one down in Florida (or any other state), suddenly I need to re-apply in my new state of residence (assuming I even CAN) as if I would lose all experience and/or nobility by simply crossing a state line.

Chas said...

It's hilarious to hear big government people screaming about big government. Should we toss out the '64 Civil Rights Act because it supersedes states' rights?
They only pretend to base their arguments on principle. They toggle their principles as necessary to accomodate their agenda. States rights on for gun control, states rights off for black constituents of the Democratic Party. Federal control on for Democrat constituents, federal control off to allow for gun control. The political left is really about power, and only pretend about principle.