Sunday, March 13, 2011

Illinois Happenings

All sorts of things going on in Illinois right now.

On Thurs, the day of IGOLD, the case Wilson v Cook County was filed to overturn the nonsense 'Assault Weapon' ban in place there w/ reference to the 2nd Amendment now applying to the states.

Also filed was ISRA v ISP, calling for a restraining order against the release of FOID data. A TRO was put into place and a hearing is set for Tues.

There is also an issue w/ the FOID's and a new requirement that all individuals, including those whose religions prohibit it, have photos on their cards. This is specifically directed at the IL Amish community.

HB 148 (CCW) has 37 sponsors currently and will be hitting the floor soon.

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alcade said...

Although I believe that FOID cards are unconstitutional, I don't agree that a religious community should try to have their pictures taken off of licenses. If I recall correctly, a Muslim group attempted to sue a state a few years back that tried to require a woman to remove her bhurka for her driver's license shoot. Given how many suicide bombers dress up as women to 1. conceal their explosives, and 2. lessen the liklihood they will be searched by causing an outrage that an infidel would search a Muslim woman. Seems like a bad road to go down. Get rid of FOID cards, but keep the photos on drivers licenses.

Chas said...

The problem isn't the photo on the license, you can throw the license away any time. It's your photo in a government database that you need to worry about. When totalitarian regimes send assassins to kill people, they use photographs to identify the targets to the kill teams. With drivers license photos in electronic databases, the US government has access to photos of nearly everyone in the US. Whoever has your photograph can order you to be killed, but there's nothing to worry about. It's just a driver's license. That's all it is. Really.