Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekend Wildlife

I found a new spot when I put the camera out a few days ago. Scat everywhere so I figured I'ld get some good shots. I was not disappointed. I also set the camera for video which I'm still playing w/. It took a few videos but mostly stills and the videos started when the deer were 2/3rds across the viewing area requiring some editing for time .

A young buck who came by just an hour or so after I set out the camera.
There were actually quite a few bucks out there.

And does as well. This trio hung around the camera for awhile.

One of them was VERY curious about it.

And some were good sized.

The snow started falling Xmas eve and made for some really pretty scenes.

Another good-sized buck and doe in the snow.

This is 'Spike'. He really liked showing off his antlers to the camera.


Over 120 shots/videos in just 4 days. Definitely a good spot.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

Love this series.

Some NICE looking bucks there.