Monday, November 29, 2010

Double Standards.

TO continue on the let's pile on Brady/Goddard Campaign leadership, another bit from Japete, AKA Joan Peterson, board member:

The views expressed by me in this blog do not represent any group with which I am associated but are rather my own personal opinions.

Well that's perfectly reasonable, right? Sure, until she also said this:

If any elected leader wants to know why they should not believe what they hear from the NRA, Mike is a prime example of the type of hyperbolic rhetoric that should not be considered valid in this "discussion".

So she, as a leader of a group, can express her opinion freely and it should not be regarded as part of her organization but any and every statement made by individual members of the NRA (about 4 million) should be considered representative of the goals and beliefs of the NRA as a whole.

Ya know, I really don't think that's the way it works.

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Bob S. said...

Don't forget MikeB302000's view that all gun owners are responsible for any firearm related crime, yet he isn't responsible for what Jadegold says on the blog named MikeB302000.

Please tell me how Jadegold isn't a "prime example of hyperbolic rhetoric"?

Sarah said...


Sorry. I just find it funny when the rabid anti-gunners speak or write. The results are about what I'd get if I gave a half-blind, mostly retarded Rhesus monkey a netbook.

Weer'd Beard said...

Or better yet, Mike's refusal to even discuss his criminal ownership of guns.

We all know the barest minimum criminal activities needed to accomplish his vague admission, and even in the most benign examples would SHRED most of his (and everybody else's) arguments.

Of course their side is so desperate they can't afford to turn away the most degenerate criminals, meanwhile we burn people like Jim Zumbo and gun makers like S&W just for being stupid.

Linoge said...

There you go again, applying logic and reason to a person who comprehends neither...

The results are about what I'd get if I gave a half-blind, mostly retarded Rhesus monkey a netbook.

You take that back! Said monkey could undoubtedly craft more-coherent posts, and is very offended at your comparing her to it.

kaveman said...

Don't forget this little contradictory nugget from her "18-20 year olds" post(in comments).

"That's what this is all about- improving ways to advocate for our causes. That's why I am writing this blog."


This is easier than shooting retarded Rhesus monkeys who are busy humping dead fish in a barrel.

Mike W. said...

I find it funny that she somehow assumes that I speak for the NRA when I don't speak for or work for them in any capacity whatsoever.

Thanks for the link