Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's official, I'm a retard, but at least a nice one.

A while back I posted about renting my summer home to a convicted felon.

If you bothered to read that, you'd know that I'm living next to him either way. He either lives at his mommy's house for free or he lives in my summer home and I get some free yard work done. My hope was to give him a chance to redeem himself and make a fresh start; something I extend out of a courtesy of greater men than myself.
If I could turn his life around, I would accomplish something his own family failed to do.

I had to try just out of sheer curiousity. I risked nothing I wasn't willing to lose and I also had the foresight to hedge my bets, but that's another post entirely.

Well...everything I was willing to lose has been lost. For all those who tried to warn me, I stand before you now and say, you were scary right. Having said that, I am more focused now than I have ever been. I needed the lesson. The small town I grew up in is different than the small town I live in now. I needed a kick in the pants to wake me up.

He stole my truck...

This truck is the epitome of crap covered garbage. I only bought it to haul lawn debris around on my own property. It had been sitting idle for 8 years in the yard and he offered to get it running again so we could sell it and split the profits.

I agreed and gave him a set of keys.

He did manage to get it running and decided to adopt it as his own personal vehicle to use while I was at work. Last monday was a paid Holiday for me and he thought I wasn't here. He foolishly drove it right past my winter home.

Big mistake.

I called the po-po, and they found it and had it towed back onto my property within 5 hours.

Their true motivation was that he already had 6 outstanding warrants for his arrest. Long story short, he's in jail now and facing some prison time. Longer story shorter, my trust in others has reached a new low.

Except for CoreDi and my family, and those anons on the interweb tubes who I should have listened to.

We are a family, learn from my stupidity, and have some CoreDi friends of your own.

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tkdkerry said...

"my trust in others has reached a new low"

Why? He was a felon, and he behaved like one. Let that affect your level of trust in felons, not "others". Hang in there.

The Warrior said...

Don't worry about it. I've done similar things myself. It's no biggie, man.

A new low? Your's must've been higher than mine in the first place then....

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're a retard but maybe not. Maybe you're just slightly on the ignorant side? Possible? Why else would you even use the word retarded?

Anonymous said...

Yep, sometimes animals just turn around and bite you on the ass no matter that you have been feeding and taking care of them. BTDTGTT-S. FIDO.
All it should do is make you a little more cautious regarding how you pick your battles.

Aaron said...

Well, my fear was that he would be busted with a whole bunch of drugs in your house, and the cops and DA would confiscate your house as part of a drug conspiracy.

So... it could have been worse. Keep the chin up.