Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Declining Tradition? Not Quite..

Every now and then, gun banners like Josh Sugarmann and Dennis Henigan like to trot out the canard that the 'firearm industry is dying' and/or there are 'less firearm owners now than (insert selectively chosen date here)'.

Nevermind the fact that their numbers are purely cherry-picked, there's also the numerous youth, friends and family who have used my range over the years as well as the hundreds who attend Appleseeds.

Some comments I heard from a group of youth recently...
I shoot my .22 and I'm saving up for an AR-15.

I've shot my dad's 1911, FAL, AR-15......
Many of them play the Call of Duty games, watch Top Shot and Deadliest Warrior on TV. They can't wait to try the real things. I'ld bet similar sentiments are spreading in suburban and urban areas.

Not only are we winning in litigation and legislation, we're winning the culture war as well.

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Earl said...

The primary reason I work at Appleseeds, I get to help the skill grow, women and children First!