Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Land lord update

I have a lead on who crawled through my window. I should have more info within a week. If it was my new renter, he'll be homeless once more, but I honestly don't think it was. As stated, his own Mother is my neighbor and will be the wrath of him if he screws up again(I've talked to her). The way I figure it, I'm living next to him either way and have already lived next to him for 12 years now. The whole idea may sound crazy to some, but in these parts, even the scumbags have the common sense to not shit in their own swimming pools. They travel a respectable distance if they want to steal your crap. My town only has 300 people in it and that reality modifies their behavior. I once had some friends invited over for dinner and they had some trouble finding my place. They drove up and down the road looking for my post which had fallen into the weeds. One of my neighbors noticed that they had been tracking back and forth and jumped in his rig and pulled them over. He told them that their vehicle "wasn't from here" and that they should leave. That's small town life in a nutshell. I can sit in my kitchen and identify every car that drives by via sound alone. I know if they're from here or are an interloper. I'd rather rent to my neighbor's son than a total stranger.

It's still complicated, but small town life means we look after each other; even those who screwed up. If we don't, then we small-towners might as well move to the city where we can close our doors and watch TV until the entire concept of community crumbles to dust. Having siad that, there is a limit to our tolerance. Social pressure is the key. They bad guys aren't afraid of the coppers, but when the entire town IDs you as a scumbag, life can become...........somewhat cumbersome.

In the mean time, my summer home has been scrubbed top to bottom, by hand, on the inside and half of the outside. The carpets have been shampooed, firewood stacked, John Deere tuned up(still needs a front tire), 25% of the yard weed-whacked down to stubs, washer and dryer installed, refridgerator cleaned, blinds/drapes replaced and tomorrow they're sweeping the pine needles off the roof, sweeping the stove pipe and hand wahing the rest of the outside. Then the rain gutters replaced at their expense.
I may have to replace the hot water heater, I'll know more tomorrow.

I should have done this years ago.

When you live in a small community, throwing someone to the curb is a tad bit more difficult than when living in the souless environment of a concrete jungle. If I can help him get on his feet, then I will have single-handedly done more to prevent future crime than the Brady Bunch has done in 35 years.

This ain't gonna be easy, but at least I'm willing to attempt; and I'm risking absolutley nothing in which I'm not willing to lose.

I initially had the regret that I didn't have my GrandFather anymore to ask for advice; But then I realized that he taught me long ago the proper path to take.

Whether I change someone's life for the better or learn a serious life lesson by getting burned...

I still win.

Thanks GrandFather.

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