Monday, December 29, 2008

I've seen this map before..

A Russian 'expert' proclaims the breakup of the United States w/ various nations gobbling up the remains either directly or as puppet regimes.

Where have I seen this division before? Oh right. When I played Fortress America in High School.

Could the US split? Sure. It's always possible. But this map is just the fancied dreams of a person dreaming of their glory days over 150 years ago w/o a clue of US regional attitudes.

TexasFred has more.


Anonymous said...

"I'll take Blue for $100, Alex."

Unknown said...

So we've established that this guy has never been to Texas.

Dear Russian Genius,

I would recommend some minor revisions to your map. The Republic of Texas, if ever let off its leash, would promptly invade the other fragments of the former United States, establishing a defensible frontier from the Appalachians to the Sierra Nevadas, and extending north to the Arctic Circle and south to Panama.

It would take the Texans several weekends working part-time to complete their conquest, after which they would celebrate with barbecue and a bass-fishing tournament.

Postscript: do not attempt any landings in Alaska. They eat brown bears with ketchup -- Russians taste like veal in comparison.

Anonymous said...

What a dumb ass-ski. He doesn't realize his green "California Republic" is already the blue "Texas Republic" under mexican influence.

Mike W. said...

This guy must be nuts. Utah, Nevada, Idaho & Arizona would NEVER be lumped in with California.

Most of the heartland coming under the control of Canada?! This is Canada we're talking about.....

the pistolero said...

this map is just the fancied dreams of a person dreaming of their glory days over 150 years ago w/o a clue of US regional attitudes.

Yep. I always thought that if Texas did split off from the U.S. (which, btw, I would not see as a bad thing at all) it would be just us, not us with the surrounding states.

Unknown said...

If this were to happen, I think there's a couple of options.

First off, Florida goes with Atlantic America, along with a slice of Georgia including Atlanta. I think western KY and TN would go with the mid-west Native American Nation (NAN).

West coast would break off, probably along the rockies. Texas would grab LA and much of the surrounding areas, probably up north a bit until a blurry line existed between the Republic of Texas and NAN.

The northern United States would probably be mended to Canada. (Quebec might go independent as well).

Russia would be sure to re-claim parts of Alaska. The question is whether Alaska would cede to Canada. Or whether the west coast, which would be strongly supported by Chinasia would go up thru Washington to Alaska. Perhaps taking the western bit of Canada with them.


Blast, now I want to write a novel....

Turk Turon said...

Looks like the version of the U.S. in the board game "Risk".

Anonymous said...

When does this plan take hold? Like 2011 or somesuch? I can't wait! Texas split off from all the gangrene of Kali, NY/NJ, and Illinois?


"Part of Mexico?" Oh that's a HAYULL no. Yeah, TX, LA, MI, AL, and GA as part of Mexico? Mr. Rooskie has *no idea* what he's talking about there.

I'll be sure to get TN, NC and SC brought "into the fold" as I really don't want my family having to live in "Atlantic America." Besides, I can't really see them joining AA anyway. NC maybe... sadly.

Anonymous said...

an independent Texas as "part of Mexico, or under Mexican influence"? somebody got that just exactly backwards, i think. even apart from the rest of the U.S., Texas alone could still buy and sell Mexico without straining the budget too very badly.

Dock, Mississippi is MS; MI is Michigan. which might in fact go to Canada, but only if the Canucks ease up on the gun laws a bit.

speculating about how the USA might split up is a fun pastime, but if you end up thinking it'll break into neat contiguous puzzle pieces that'll all end up as client states of some other power, you know you've been smoking something. the Appalachians, at least, would be independent --- i doubt they'd have it any other way, and who'd want them enough to contest the matter?

the west coast'd likely split into more than just one piece. i don't see SoCal and WA/OR/ID joining into any one unit unless that unit is the current USA.

Alaska going back to Russia? uh, i think the Canucks would have a few objections to lodge against that. they'd stand politely in line behind the Alaskans wanting to lodge their own objections, most likely.

Anonymous said...

This guy has never been to Idaho. We barely tolerate our own local elected goverment. Our favorite pastime is deriding the the person we just put in office, it keeps them humble. China having any political sway over us! What a joke! That is about as likely as Boise becomming sister cities with Berkley. Idaho and Kalifornia in the same political region? Not likely. Let's see the first Chineese political officer walk the streets of Boise. Anyone have any doubt about his future?