Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Leading advocate to keep students defenseless on college campuses, Andrew Goddard, complains about violence on campus and lack of response by authorities.

They really do live in their own little world.

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John Richardson said...

I'm surprised the religious bigot didn't launch into an attack on Catholics like he did earlier into Mormons.

Weer'd Beard said...

It would have been heroic if she had been raped under her desk.

Just sayin'.

Of course it would have been just as tragic if she had defended herself and gone unmolested.

Funny how they work.

Miguel said...

They are getting more and more deranged....

Cormac said...

I would love to see this guy on Red Eye some night with Mike Baker and S.E. Cupp...

They would compete to tear his mind into little bits!

and Andy would help at half-time

Braden Lynch said...

Isn't this rich! Help create or perpetuate a problem and then complain about it. The logical disconnect is just stunning.

Yes, we have violence on campus, but it is encouraged by their insistence on the defenseless state of the student body. Then they wonder why the police cannot be everywhere to counter it.

Wake up! The police are a finite resource and criminals go where they are not, to prey on the weak. Let's even the playing field with campus carry so our daughters do not suffer a rape or murder by an SOB.