Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joyce Foundation Spreading The......Love. Yeah, That's It

The Joyce Foundation, financiers of the majority of anti-gun activity in the US has bought their own private media outlet in order to push their agenda of gun bans and onerous restrictions.

"Media Matters", back in July, received a $400K grant from the Joyces and have dutifully pushed their message of smearing firearm advocates by trying to connect them w/ violent and unhinged criminals. Of course other Joyce Puppets like Josh Horwitz/Grits Jr. then complete the circle jerk by citing MM as 'definitive news'. MM then cites the CSGV etc. And they all go home w/ smiles on their faces for a 'job' well done.

Gun Control 'grassroots' in action folks.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

They really are an ethically challenged and incestuous lot.

This is par for the course tho, They fund bogus studies so they'll have studies to cite when they write reports that others can cite when they write reports and news articles.

They've attempted to create their own little kingdom buffered from facts and reality.

Saddly their little castle is built on sand....